Writing in the Rain

Source: lovenotebooks.com

Archaeologists, foresters and field professional share one common trait: they often find themselves working in the elements, including the rain. So a while back one savvy fellow came up with the idea of a waterproof notepad. One could literally write and take notes in the rain without worrying about the paper turning into a soggy mess. Today, this tool is still available and regularly used by field types working in some of the most extreme conditions, including those with rain and water. Known as tactical notepads or Rite in the Rain pads, these writing pads can be worth their weight in gold when a person needs to write down material and doesn’t want to worry about the rain or getting digital equipment wet. Even better, the cost on these special notepads is so low, they are both affordable and made by multiple companies online. Cosmos, Rite in the Rain, and Aqua Love are three of the more common brands. So don’t worry about clouds on the horizon. Get your field notes every time with a waterproof notepad.


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