How to Make Your Tinder Profile Attract Attention

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Tinder is vibrant new app for online dating. On Tinder, profiles of other people who are located nearby are viewed on your smartphone. When a person who you find attractive shows up, you swipe right. If you’re not interested you swipe left. Swiping right sends them your profile. If the attraction is mutual, you’re able to message each other.

Tinder makes is very easy to start conversations with people who like your photo and your profile. There are ways to present the information about yourself that make will make you more likely to get right swiped by women. By presenting  yourself in the best way, you can make a great first impression.

The best way to create a superb Tinder profile is to think about how you would describe your best friend to a potential mate, use this same technique to describe yourself.  Be your own wing-man. Tinder uses your Facebook profile so make sure your Facebook page is up to date with your current lifestyle interests. If you stopped liking heavy metal music long ago and are now more into jazz, make sure your Facebook profile says this. The more accurate the Facebook information is, especially about activities you like to do, the better the matches will become on Tinder.

Here are five tips to spruce up your Tinder profile to get the best results:

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