Immerse in a 360-Degree Experience with the VR KiX

Source: The Grommet

The VR KiX is the newest cutting edge technology in VR with an affordable price and easily accessible.  By using the apps for games and movies on your smartphone, the headset creates a magnified 3-D lifelike experience of the phone’s screen.  It works by placing your smartphone inside the VR goggles.  You can then move your head around to explore your new surroundings inside the game, movie, or concert you want to experience virtually.

The VR KiX uses the stereoscopy technique, which shows an offset image to each of your eyes and the brain combines the images to give the 3-D perceptual depth and dimension.  Your phone will be in a secure place that keeps it cool with side ventilation, so it will be safe while you explore.  The headset is designed for comfort with padded face cushions, two larger adjustable optical resin lenses, and lightweight construction for hours of use.  It’s easy to clean with a damp cloth and a lens cleaning wipe.  It is compatible with phones that are 3 inches by 6 inches.


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