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If you think that you are not attracted to redheads, you will change your mind when you take a look at Playboy’s Miss August 2015 Dominique Jane. This natural redheaded beauty will have your mouth watering. The 28-year old model and actress admits that she is somewhat of a free spirit. She tells Playboy that she “lives like a gypsy” and is “looking for a down-to-Earth man” to join her on her next adventure. Are you the one for Dominique Jane?

Not only is she irresistibly gorgeous, but Dominique has a sweet side that makes her even more tempting and luscious. According to her Playmate Data Sheet, Dominique believes that everyone deserves compassion, kindness and a smile.

Dominique has quite a following on Instagram where she posts tons of enticing photos of her looking fresh and innocent. Dominique is the classic girl-next-door. She says that she would choose t-shirts and jeans over designer clothes anytime. You are sure to find a soft spot in your heart for this gorgeous model once you check out her photos. Good in luck in choosing your favorite. She is absolutely stunning in all of them.

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