Hover Camera – A New Way to Capture Your Special Moments

Source: Smash

What is the one thing missing from the picture when you are the photographer?  You.  With the new Hover Camera, you can always be part of the pictures and videos you take because this autonomous flying drone camera has the ability to track your face and body while it captures your wedding, graduation, ball game, or any special moment with unique angels from afar or up high.  A new way to take unique selfies!

The flying Hover Camera is able to capture pictures and video as it steadily hovers in place or spins 360 degrees for a full panoramic view.  The electronic image stabilization technology digitally stabilizes photos and video to make shaky pictures a thing of the past.  It comes equipped with embedded artificial intelligence allowing it to navigate the environment through the use of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Fight drone platform.  It has the capacity to take 13MP photos and 4K videos.  There is no learning curve to start saving your life moments, just remove it from the box and snap it open.



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