#WCW – Natasha Galkina

Source: Iconosquare

Source: Iconosquare

Originally from Rostov, Russia, Natasha Galkina first made an appearance and grabbed people’s notice when she popped up on America’s Next Model TV show. She started off on the series slow but steadily gained ground and proved herself easily worth a seat in the professional model world. As an up and coming model, Galkina has the right mix. Ideal body measurements, sultry dark hair, pouty lips, exotic eyes, and sun-kissed skin coloring that works well with the camera in a variety of settings. No surprise, her photogenic formula continues to find more and more fans, putting Galkina on the short list for a growing number of a new projects. Interestingly, Natasha is also a bit of a chameleon, able to change her hair color and overall look very quickly. That gives her an added advantage with companies who want different looks from the same model in a short time period.

Source: Iconosquare

Thus, it’s probably a good prediction that we’ll see a lot more of Galkina in the next few years. And, she’s actively looking at the acting side as well, potentially extending her image career a lot longer.


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