CMB’s Guide to Fitness in 2015

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Happiness. Sex-appeal. Intelligence. Who doesn’t want more of these qualities? Fortunately, the key to each of these attributes can be found in one place: fitness. Through exercise you can become a sexier, happier and smarter you in 2015!

Happier You!

Did you know that fitness will encourage the production of the hormones that make you happy? It does not take much time; short periods of anaerobic training (think sprinting or heavy weight lifting) are enough to experience what is called a “runners high,” the same euphoric feeling produced by opiates. Not only that, but exercising also reduces stress, depression and anxiety! Ready for a happy, stress-free 2015? Fitness is key!

Sexier You!

While a new dress, car or hairstyle may make you feel sexy while you have them, exercise will help you feel sexy from the inside out. In consistently spending just a little time working out, studies show that your self-confidence will soar. And who isn’t turned on by self-confidence? You feel sexy and others are attracted to that. Sounds like a win win to me!

Smarter You!

Feeling a little cloudy at work? Having a hard time studying for an up-coming exam? Just want to impress a crush with your smarts? Fitness is a proven intelligence booster; it can increase your attention span, organization skills, your ability to focus.  So whether you are completing a project or preparing for a date, go ahead and fight that afternoon slump with dumbbells rather than a cup of coffee. You won’t regret it!


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