Beer Review: Aventinus


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Unser Aventinus from Schneider-Weisse has been brewed for over 100 years. It’s a Weizen-bock, which is a wheat doppelbock. German doppelbocks are dark lagers, they’re flavorful, but drink light and easy. The Weizen-bock is a unique beer. There are wheat beers, hefeweizens, and there are dark wheat beers, dunkelweizens, but the Weizen-bock is a doppelbock brewed with wheat. Schneider-Weisse’s Weizenbock is the first of its kind. The Scneider family is credited with saving wheat beer from extinction. Only the Bavarian royal family was allowed to brew beer, but wheat beer sales weren’t doing very well. In 1872 the King decided to stop brewing wheat beer and sold the rights to Georg Schneider. They began brewing wheat beer right away. Schneider-Weisse is truly traditional Bavarian beer. Unser Aventinus is a full bodied beer. It smells sweet like bananas, it tastes like raisins and bubblegum. Its toasty and thick. It’s a little sweet, but has 16 IBUs (bitterness). Aventinus is 8.2%. It should be served in a tall glass with a bulbous top. Many German beer bars in the U.S. will serve Aventinus in its own special glass. Most German wheat beers should be served in glasses like this, so the flavor can open up at the top. If you’re pouring it yourself from a bottle, tilt the glass and pour it until there is less than an inch left in the bottle. Then, swirl the bottle and pour the sediment on top of the beer. This will create a nice thick head of foam. It will enhance the overall flavor and aroma.


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