10 Most Popular Women on Instagram

10. Miley Cyrus – 30 Million Followers

Source: Instaliga

instagram followers. Miley was born and raised in Franklin, Tennessee on November 23, 1992.  She is an actress, singer and songwriter. Miley’s acting career began in her early childhood with a role she took on working beside her actor father, Billy Ray Cyrus.She was cast in the television series Doc, which aired from March 2001 to November 2004.  She was also later cast in the film Big Fish in 2003. Miley’s name at birth was actually Destiny Hope, a fitting name for a young lady who has seemingly found her destiny at such a young age and filled her future with hope. Her child nickname, Smiley, eventually evolved into Miley and is the name known all over the world.  The hit comedy television series named “Hanna Montana” was instrumental in making the name Miley Cyrus known to teenagers all over the world. Her musical career blossomed as the show aired for almost five years.