#WCW — Jessica Workman

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Although Jessica’s been on the scene since 2011 when she attended a casting call for Playboy, she is still the girl next door that every guy wants to date.  She comes from Cleveland, Ohio and has D cup breasts (it’s ok, you can pause here), something that, according to Jessica, helps her stay positive.  And we really see that positivity shine when there is a camera in front of this bombshell. She’ll have you wishing you lived next door.

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This is the girl every guy wants to date.  But is she attainable? Not anymore.  Truth be told, Jessica has crossed the threshold from simply being a girl next door and former high school cheerleader to Playboy celebrity.  But now that means you get to get up close and personal with Jessica by watching her Playboy Cybergirl videos, and her extensive photo galleries.  The truth is Jessica loves, loves, loves to be naked so why not make a career out of it, right guys?


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