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Born and raised in sun-filled Miami, Florida, Yovanna Ventura is a sultry Latina who thrives off of good vibes and great people. As a child, she received a great deal of support from her mother who encouraged her to go out and take the world by storm. Over the years, she grew into the curvaceous measurements of “32,25,38 with a height of 5’9 1/2 and became a highly successful model that now has a thriving career as well as millions of followers.


Source: Instaliga


With a sincere love for modeling and fitness, this brunette bombshell is also extremely passionate about helping and rescuing animals of all types and sizes. A bit of a philanthropist, Yovanna has volunteered to help protect cats with the Black Jaguar White Tiger and has also helped out with organizations such as Urgent Dogs of Miami and the Miami-Dade Animal Service. With a goal of furthering her modeling career as well as her causes, this wild child is on the climb with no plans of coming down!


Source: Instaliga


Source: Instaliga 



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