Boost Your Commute With a Boosted Board

Source: Tech Crunch

When you’re looking for a better, cheaper way to commute, the Boosted Board offers the ultimate, super fun ride. If you live in a congested urban area, you’re familiar with dull, difficult commutes. From bumper-to-bumper traffic to limited parking spaces, your daily commute often comes to a grinding halt. The next generation Boosted Board is a total game changer. Utilizing long-lasting lithium batteries, easy-to-use wireless remote control and a powerful motor and braking system, Boosted turned a loaded longboard into an incredibly unique electric vehicle.

Source: The Resistor Network

Boosted Boards offer beautiful 100% bamboo decks for great flexibility, better handling and maneuverability. The 80mm Orangatang wheels were carefully designed to flex over bumps in the road and grip through tight turns. Choose a standard battery pack for 6-7 miles of travel time on one charge or opt for the new extended range battery pack that provides an epic 12 to 14-mile ride with each full charge. Accelerate and brake with the Bluetooth remote’s ergonomic thumbwheel and control the board like you would on a regular skateboard by turning your body. Plus, shielded, water-resistant batteries, motors and electronics mean cruising through puddles won’t damage your components. Boost your boring commute and ride in style!


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