#WCW — Demi Rose


Source: Instaliga

Demi Rose Mawby from Birmingham UK is the daughter of a banker and started off as an Internet sensation on social media because, well, just look at her.  With big eyes and even bigger breasts, this British and Columbian Internet star turned lingerie model is absolutely gorgeous.  Her good looks have landed her travel shoots all over the world and she has even appeared in some high-end magazines. More recently, the model has become a Taz Angel. She lives with Taz and other women in his mansion and he mentors them on how to achieve fame. And these girls are not shy. They call themselves sister wives and post steamy pictures on Instagram for every guy in the world to see.  Is this modern version of the Playboy Mansion?  If so, we sure are glad to be a fly on the wall watching this show.

Source: Instaliga

Source: Instaliga


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