USB Drink Warmer That Doesn’t Just Stop There

Source: The Gift Insider

Coffee is a necessity for studying and working late or just trying to open your eyes in the morning and face the day (including all the things you might not be ready to face) make your time at the desk more enjoyable with the USB Drink Warmer and smell the fresh coffee aroma for hours. Not a coffee drinker? No problem. The USB Drink Warmer keeps any beverage from turning icy. It’s powered by a single USB port in your computer that keeps your beverage fresh and within easy reach while you work. This multifunctional gadget replaces the single USB port with four USB ports so you can plug in your other gadgets or storage drives and tells you the temperature and current time on a large, easy-to-read, lit display. Armed with piping hot coffee and all the additional gadgets you need as well as your necessary saved docs and you are ready to tackle the tasks of the day or prepare those for the following day.


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