Trackr Sticker: Never Misplace Your Phone or Keys Again

Source: Trackr

Tired of losing your keys? Misplace your phone one too many times? Meet Trackr.  The Trackr Sticker, in conjunction with the Trackr App, will help you find any missing item. Simply place the Trackr, which is about the size of a quarter, onto your phone, keys, bike, or any other item you don’t want to lose. Locate your missing item by utilizing the Trackr App or through Crowd-sourced GPS. The Trackr is more than just a tracking system; the separation alerts even prevent you from leaving your valuables behind.

Get the facts:

  • Keep track of multiple items via the app.
  • Lost your phone…. In silent mode? Fear not! Use your Trackr button – and your phone still rings!
  • The distance indicator shows you exactly how far away you are from your misplaced items.
  • Customizable alert tones
  • Lithium battery included
  • Available on iPhone and Android app stores

Try a Trackr today, and you’ll never wonder where your gadgets are.


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