The Essential Gadget for a Night Out: The Aura Breathalyzer

Source: Tradewick

Almost everyone enjoys going out for a night on the town. Whether it’s with a significant other or friends, this is a great way to unwind, relax, and have some fun. While most people enjoy having a few adult beverages, it is essential that people not drink and drive. It places people, including the driver and others, at significant risk and comes with significant legal ramifications. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of how many drinks they can have while still being able to drive home safely.

Now, there is a solution to this problem. Aura has created a breathalyzer that everyone should use. This gadget combines a unique duo of style and accuracy so everyone can remain both safe and stylish. It is no more than a few inches in size, comes in multiple colors, and it made out of stainless steel. The Aura Breathalyzer is also durable with a scratch-resistant screen. Most importantly, it provides an accurate estimate of blood alcohol concentration to keep everyone safe. When it comes to drinking and driving, don’t risk it. Rely on this breathalyzer prior to getting behind the wheel of the car.


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