The Cover Clamp – Cover-Hog Combatant

Source: Dude I want That

Women tend to be colder than men. As such, they may steal the blankets in bed. This would not be such a huge deal if you could lightly tug on them to get some back on your side when you got a tad cold. However, most women tend to roll in them so it is near impossible to get them back once they have taken possession of them. If you find yourself in this position with your wife or girlfriend, the cover clamp is the perfect combatant for the cover hog.

After making the bed, slide the cover clamp over the blakets and your mattress. The next time your wife or girlfriend tries to pull on the blanets to get more on her side, she will be in for a bit of a surprise. Those blankets will not budget. This helps keep what is yours on your side and what is hers on her side.

Stop waking up cold in the middle of the night while your women is snuggled up tightly with all the covers with the cover clamp.


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