Temporary Tattoos – The Programmable Tattoo System

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Getting a tattoo is a huge decision. After all, once you get it, removing it can be costly or impossible, depending on the location and type of ink used. As such, you should look at it as a lifelong commitment. But sometimes, you may be on the fence about getting one. You may not be sure if the location or design is right. But testing out a tattoo is not easy.

If you want to test out a tattoo, you are often given a fake tattoo that is obviously fake. It can be embarrassing to sport this fake tattoo, as you may feel like a juvenile. But that all can change with the programmable tattoo system. This system places temporary tattoos on your body that look real. You can trick your mom or girlfriend into thinking you got a tattoo, or you can test out a fake tattoo to ensure you like it before committing to the real thing. Regardless, if you want a tattoo that looks real, yet isn’t the real deal, this is the perfect product for you.


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