Solar Powered Charger and Light

Source: Inhabitat

Frequent outdoors enthusiasts know how annoying the following situation is: you’ll need your phone on your backpacking trip, but you don’t want to bring a generator or your car, and there WON’T be any outlets anywhere. This solar-powered charger is the answer to your frustrations. About the size and weight of your phone, the charger has a USB port to produce a full charge – using sunlight! – in two hours. The device also has a light that works for 150 hours, plus an SOS emergency beacon setting. It doesn’t need to be used for just camping, of course; anyone who is concerned about the environment has the option to use this charger. It’s perfect for power outages, too. Perhaps one of the best things about buying one of these is that the company donates one of the devices to someone who has no access to electricity, elsewhere in the world. When you make a purchase, you get to choose which country you want the contribution to be made! A code is provided in the charger’s packaging with which to do so. Solar power …. it’s what we need more of!


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