Single and Satisfied


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You can be happy alone. I am 30 and enjoy dating. People are interesting and companionship is nice, but I like my own company too. Thank you very much. Family and friends ask about my relationship status and I tell them that I am happy the way things are right now. How can this be possible?

I don’t have to compromise. I watch the movies that I like. It is wonderful enjoying museums and activities without having to balance it with the demands of a boyfriend. I know which of my friends will be interested in an event and we enjoy it together.

I have my own dreams to attain. Loving to travel, I’ve been to Morocco, Russia and numerous European countries. I’ve lived abroad for three years. Through this, my experiences have broadened my perspective and invited new friends into my life. I am grateful for this and know that if I were tied down at the time, I would have made different choices and my life would not be as it is now.

My career path is interesting and dynamic. I earn my own money and am self-reliant. Bills come and I know I can cover them with extra for savings. I am planning for a future that includes purchasing my own home. I would not have developed this independent streak if I were financially dependent on another or burdened by their debt.

A popular question I get is, “Don’t you want someone to share your life with?” Of course I do. Family holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are a bit of a trial as people bring their significant other over and you are solo. Thankfully, that passes and so do the somewhat rude personal questions. For those that have someone, are you happy? Many couples that I meet are simply together to avoid the prospect of being alone and do not have the genuine respect, love and common interests that binds. I want better than that for myself.

There are many types of love. My nieces and nephew are always a joy. My sister and I share a strong familial bond. I have friends that I can count on and that are there to provide emotional support and a fun night out. Do these bonds not matter? By the way, I also love myself and am not willing to settle for coupled and complaining.



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