Why You Should Be Glad It’s Cuddling Weather

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Waking up alone isn’t just bad for your soul– your body suffers as well!

According to a recent study published in The Wall Street Journal, sharing a bed brings lower stress levels, less anxiety, and reduced inflammation. Couples who sleep together also report feeling safer and more secure, which may partially explain the strees relief.

Scientists have known for years that people who are in long-term romantic relationships tend to be healthier and live longer than single people, but are only beginning to understand why this is. The discovery that sleeping in pairs improves your health could be the key to explaining this trend.

These conclusions come as a surprise to many. Traditionally, researchers often assumed that sleeping with a partner was bad for your health and sanity. Couples frequently wake each other up during the night, roll on top of each other, fight over sheets and pillows, and otherwise interrupt each other’s sleep. Previous studies indicated that people in romantic relationships, and women in particular, report being disturbed by their partners during the night.

This recent study, however, demonstrates that the psychological benefits of sleeping with your partner far outweigh the cost of being woken up on occasion. Not only do couples sleep better, but despite being woken up, they may even sleep more: the data show that women who are in long-term relationships go to sleep more quickly and wake up less often than single women.

For best results, don’t hesitate to strip down! According to a recent study by Cotton USA, couples who sleep in the nude tend to have happier relationships and marriages. The study also found that couples who share their covers, regularly clean their sheets and bedroom floors, and don’t eat in bed are the happiest.


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