Pioneer Elite BDP-80FD 3D-Compatible Streaming Blu-Ray Disc Player

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The Pioneer Elite BDP-80FD 3D-Compatible Streaming Blu Ray Disc Player is a great device. It comes with a number of different functions which enable it to provide you with everything you need from a Blu Ray player. One useful function is that it comes with wifi enabled by default.

A lot of Blu Ray players require you to either use a wired web connection or to buy an additional device to get the Blu Ray player connected to the web. You don’t have to worry about those hassles with this Blu Ray player. Another useful aspect of this Blu Ray player, is that it is able to handle a large number of different file formats.

Many other Blu Ray players have limited support for different file formats when it comes to streaming to the player. This player is not like that. It can handle nearly any file format you can throw at it. The list of file formats is too long for this article. A few of the formats supported are DivX+, HD video, GP, lossless FLAC, and MP3s files.

It is also easy for you to take control of this piece of equipment by means of the very beneficial interface. This Blu ray disc device makes it easy for an individual to view your very own much-loved motion pictures with no trouble. It is actually wifi capable right out of the box.

It will also put you on the right track for Miracast, because it has the capacity to hook up this piece of equipment directly to the Miracast mechanism. Additionally you can keep an eye on your preferred video clips from YouTube easily. You will see that you can easily directly connect this piece of equipment to your wifi connection to the web.


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