Personal Pizza Box Oven


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Today in things you never knew you needed, The CuiZen PIZ-4012 Pizza Box oven. You probably order pizza about once a week, or maybe even more. You’ve tried making your own, but they never taste as good as delivery or restaurant pizza. Something about the way the oven cooks it, the crust is never as crispy as you’d like, the cheese isn’t quite gooey. The pizza seems frozen until, all of a sudden, it’s burnt. This is where the Pizza Box oven will save you. It cooks from the top and the bottom, it has temperature settings up to 525º Fahrenheit, and can time your pizza cooking for 30 minutes. It will work for homemade pizzas, frozen pizzas, even with rising crusts- but only up to 12″. All of the weird pizza recipes you’ve thought of, but were too shy to try- anchovies, pineapple, bacon, garlic- you can make yourself.  A 12″ pizza is the perfect size pizza to share with a date. You can impress her that you made a pizza yourself, and she’ll think the oven looks so cool on your kitchen shelf. Brought to you by CuiZen, the same company that makes vertical Chicken Rotisseries and personal hot dog steamers. This Pizza Box oven is perfect for dorm rooms and bachelor/studio apartments. It’s cool looking, functional, and unique. You can own your own for under $60. See it at Amazon.


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