Intelligent Steak Thermometer

Source: Shrper Image

How do you know how well done a piece of meat you slap on the grill is without handling or cutting it? Sharper Image is selling a product called the smart steak thermometer that provides an answer.

The way the smart steak thermometer works is that you stick it in the steak once it’s on the grill. It contains an LED light that shines different colors depending on how well done the steak is. Green means the steak is medium rare. Yellow means that the steak is medium. Red means that the steak is well done.

The product is advertised as being made of stainless steel. It is cordless and measures the internal temperature of meat along the length of the probe that is inserted inside and not just the tip. The intelligent steak thermometer is rated to up to 900 degrees.

The thermometer works in the oven and for pan drying. It can be used for beef, fish, or game.


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