The Latest Gadget: The Fizzics Beer System

Source: Nerd Much

There have been numerous products on the market the claim to be able to make store-bought beer taste like draft beer. Unfortunately, they are usually highly complex involving several tanks and cartridges and often result in flat beer. Now, there is a product on the market that is capable of making any store-bought beer taste like it was straight from the tap. Meet the Fizzics beer system. This is an amazing product that can take any bottle or can, run it through its state of the art fluid and gas system, and deliver that fresh taste that everybody has been searching for. Regardless of whether it is a growler, pale ale, or lager, the system will make it taste like it is straight from the brewery. Even better, this device it doesn’t need a clunky or unreliable CO2 tank or cartridge! Simply use the universal slot to slide in any bottle or can, and watch the magic happen. For a direct from the brewery taste with store-bought beer, try the Fizzics beer system and see what everyone has been talking about!


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