Drink Perfectly Poured Beer with the Fizzics Beer System

Source: Mantality

Experience beer the way it’s intended to taste by using this Fizzics Beer System. Just place the beer inside the system, which is compatible with cans and glass bottles, and pull the tap handle to begin the pouring process. Finish the job by pressing the handle to top the glass off with a foam head that unlocks the aromatics of the brew. This machine also works with 22-ounce beer bottles and 64-ounce growlers. Without fail, this machine delivers an well-poured, draft-quality beer, ensuring each glass offers excellent texture, body and mouthfeel.

Whether you’re enjoying a stout from your favorite brewery, or drinking brand name beer from the store, this machine gives you the ability to pour the perfect beer. Powered by four AA batteries, this portable-size Fizzics Beer System is small enough for you to bring it to your next tailgate party or to a friend’s house for a cookout.


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