Cycling Headphones That Don’t Block Traffic Sounds

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Listening to music makes any form of exercise more enjoyable. With the Bluez 2 headset you can now listen to high quality music while safely riding your bicycle. As recently reported in, the technology in this headset uses bone conduction to give you great sound without blocking important outside noise such as sirens, sounds of traffic and honking horns. By adding music to your ride, it will be more pleasant and you’ll probably want to stick with it longer!

How Bone Conduction Works

To listen to music via bone conduction, the sound waves are transmitted directly from your player into your brain through skull vibrations. Sounds a bit new-age, but that’s how it works. The company that makes the sets, AfterShokz, has latched onto the concept of bone conduction and this headset is its latest device. The Bluez 2 is lightweight and has hooks to go around your ears. By looping it around your head, it stays in place. There are tiny little conduction pads that are placed in front of your ears, to lightly come in contact with your cheekbones. By turning on the play function, the sound travels through the transducers as vibrations. Without ever going through your eardrums, the audio goes straight to the cochlea where it is changed into the music that you hear.

Enjoy Your Ride

So there you have it. The Bluez 2 gives a clean and crisp sound without blocking out important ambient noise. You can toggle between incoming calls and music while safely gliding down the street. And with a six-hour charge, you won’t have to rush home!


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