The Coolest Tool Box


Source: Coolbox

Keep your tools organized and your DIY-game on point with the new Coolbox. The Coolbox is the toolbox of the future! This is the ultimate way to store your tools.  In addition to being a spacious and organized toolbox, the Coolbox has a bottle opener, power strip, retractable power cord, USB port, clock, blue tooth speakers, an auxiliary cable jack, white board, magnetic lid, LED flood light, tablet stand, internal battery, dual handles, and wheels all built in. It has a 1797.12 cubic inch capacity. The Coobox has everything you need for a jobsite in one tool box. No more messy extension cords bundled up next to your toolbox. No need to bring separate iphone speakers. No more looking for a wall outlet to charge your phone while working. And you definitely won’t waste time hunting down a bottle opener. If you’re a contractor, carpenter, homeowner, or just handy, this toolbox could save you time and space. The Coolbox will play music, open your beer, charge your cellphone, shine light on your project, tell you  the time, and power your jigsaw. This is the manliest, most badass toolbox we’ve ever seen. The Coolbox is a new invention and you’re going to have to wait until June to get your hands on one. Here’s how to guarantee you’ll have one this summer: pay $179 to the Indiegogo campaign, don’t forget to choose a color: red/black or green/yellow, add money for shipping & handling, and submit your delivery address. Now that you’ve ordered one, go to your garage and feel contempt towards your current tool box. That piece of crap does nothing except hold tools.


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