Scientists Say It Only Takes 66 Days To Change Your Life


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Changing a life overnight is not possible, but in as little as 66 days, anyone can change their life for the better and never look back on the past or the person they used to be.  Some people endure the entire 66 days, but some people only need the essentials to cleanse themselves of the negativity that was in their life.  According to scientists, here are the essentials that need to be acknowledged when people are interested in changing their life in as little as 66 days.

Time to Brag and Smile

People who decide to participate in the 66 day life change, tell everyone you know and inform them of the great changes that are occurring in the future.  Friends, relatives, and co-workers are body guards against you relapsing into your old ways and habits.  They can put you on the right track when you stray away.  Tell everyone your plans and what the future holds for you and everyone involved.  Consistency is the key when you want to change your life in less than one year.  This is the first step of the 66 day routine.  This step lasts from day one to day 22.

Take the Time to Self-Analyze

Take the time to self-analyze the past, present, and the future.  Without considering these three factors, a person cannot successfully move on to a brighter and better future.  This is the time when people do their soul-searching and try to find themselves.  The events that occur in the lives of some people are traumatic, devastating, stressful and frustrating.  To overcome everything from the past until now, individuals have to find their happy place and indulge in the things that bring them joy.  The self-analyze period lasts from day 22 to day 44.

Finding the Light at the End of the Tunnel

Finding the light at the end of the tunnel is the final stage of the 66 life changing routine.  This stage lasts from day 44 until the end of the journey on day 66.  Although this is the last step in the routine, there are still 22 days remaining, so individuals need to keep this factor in mind.  Many people relapse during the last stage of this life-changing challenge because they are too comfortable with the changes, and it causes a lot of people to revert back to their old ways.  When people reach this stage of the challenge, it is best to find something that makes them happy so holding on a few more weeks will not seem like eternity.

Celebration Time

After individuals have conquered the 66 day life-challenge, it’s time for a celebration!  People who make it through this rigorous challenge earn the right to celebrate with their friends, relatives, and co-workers who acted as their support group and pushed them through difficult times and rough patches during the life-changing challenge.


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