CardSharp Knife


Tradition tells us there are a few items a man should carry with him at all times. A wallet, a set of keys and a knife have been the mainstays for men for generations time and for good reason. But why ditch the traditional pocket knife for a smartphone when you can carry a knife the size of a credit card in your wallet? With the CardSharp, now you can have the benefits of a knife but without the hassle of a pocket clip or a bulky hunk of metal to carry around.

The CardSharp Knife’s blade is made from surgical steel and the handle easily folds from an ultra strong polymer that can withstand a lifetime of bending. Don’t worry about getting cut taking it out, since a tiny swivel locks the blade safely away when not in use. Just unlock, flip out the blade and fold the two flaps of the hand over. The polymer handle flaps snap together to make a solid hand and you have a 2.5″ (54cm) blade as capable as most pocket folding knives, all in the size and thickness of 2 credit cards.

The knife easily slides into a wallet, is machine-washable, waterproof and deadly sharp. Now the modern man can have a his basic cutting tool no farther away than his wallet.


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