Pakayak – The Ultimate Portable Kayak You Can Pack on Your Back

Source: Pakayak

Imagine a regular hardshell kayak broken down into segments, then nested together into a scant 3 1/2 feet. Hello Pakayak! It performs like a traditional one-piece kayak with the added bonus of being lightweight, highly portable and easier to store. Made of kayak-specific plastic resin, this little boat has easy to assemble, interlocking pieces. Its patented 4-point clamping system offers a 275-pound capacity strength and watertight construction. Best of all, it’s about 1/4 the size of regular kayak and packs up neatly to the size of backpack you can easily transport to your next outdoor adventure. Live in a small apartment? You can store your Pakayak in a closet. No matter where you live or play, your kayak fits anywhere.

Worried about your segmented Pakayak leaking, or worse, sinking? It was specially designed to be strong and watertight. Taking cues from SCUBA and aerospace industries, the segments maintain their seal with bulkheads created at each connection point. These bulkheads are actually stronger than the hull, which increases the overall strength of the boat. Best of all, your craft snaps together in five minutes, without lengthy instructions required, and you can tote it to and from the water without any assistance!


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