#WCW – Sahara Ray


Source: Iconosquare

Sahara Ray is an upcoming, smoking hot model that has a face and body no one can ever forget. Although she briefly dated the pop singer, Cody Simpson, sometime in 2015, this model is currently single. This Australian native is a 23 year-old Pisces. Sahara Ray has her own swimwear line and comes from a famous family. Her father is the great surfer, Tony Ray. Don’t underestimate Sahara Ray and count her out of the running with other models. Her social media posts may change your mind. Clothes are not an option for Miss Ray. You will always catch her in her swimsuit. Sahara Ray’s popularity is increasing by the day. She is the 39th ranked model who is born on March 10th, the 18th ranked Pisces model, ranked 9535 most popular person, and the number six model from Australia. Keep a close eye on her because she is a star in the making. I haven’t seen any posts suggesting she is with someone or has her eye on anyone in particular. I guess the good news is that there’s still hope for me and some of you others out there.


Source: Iconosquare


Source: Iconosquare


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