Travel Packing That 2nd Pair of Shoes

Source: Safari Grip

Everyone has a favorite pair of shoes they would love to travel with. Yet tourists and business travelers alike often have a need to carry more than one pair of shoes, ideally beyond just the two on their feet, and that’s where the problems start. No one wants to just dump a pair of working shoes in their suitcase with their clean clothes. At the same time a plastic bag or shoebox typically doesn’t work because it’s too small or traps air and takes up space. This is where Eagle Creek’s Pack It Shoe Bag comes in extremely handy.

The Eagle Creek Bag Pack It Shoe Sac is specifically designed for packing shoes via a mesh fabric. The mesh allows air to breathe and avoids the trapped bubble effect that takes up valuable space. Further, your shoes don’t turn into a trapped smell problem due to an inability to air out while packaged. The bag keeps the shoes soles separate from your clothes, avoiding marking, and it can be easily seen through which cuts down on security checks. With so many multiple benefits, folks will wonder why they didn’t put the Eagle Creek Shoe Sac on their packing list sooner.


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