The Flatform Key Wallet for your Pocket

Source: modernlook

If you carry a ring of keys in suit pants eventually doing so is going to wear a hole in the pant pocket. The edge of the keys eventually cut through the fabric over time, get snagged and then rip the hole bigger when a person tries to pull the keys out. Left unrepaired and the keys will ultimately fall right through the pant leg to the floor, and the pant pocket will be ruined. However, with the 6-Key Swivel Wallet keyholder, a person’s keys are kept flat and contained in a lighter-size hinged box. Ideal for compact storage and quick use, this key holder keeps the pant pocket safe and avoids the hassle of moving keys around to get the right one. This is no DIY key holder or homemade key holder rivet job. The 6-Key Swivel Wallet is professionally finished and can be carried by any professional in any business office situation.  It’s probably one of the more creative key holder designs on the market now as most still follow the old-style key ring setup.


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