Survival Watches to Consider for an Outdoorsman

recon 6 watch
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Can you your watch help you survive in the wild? Maybe. Time and compass sets have been around for years, but today more modern watches are available with added features for the real outdoors that can come in handy in a pinch.

The Recon 6 Watch designed by Tim Ralston is an eye-catcher. The timepiece flips up to reveal a container with a mini multi-tool, bottle and can opener, fire strike tools, signaling mirror, and even a rescue whistle! It also comes with a compass, light, and 25 of fishing wire with two hooks, go figure!

Leatherman has always been a big name in outdoor living and tools, so the Leatherman Tread watch expected out in Fall 2015 should be no surprise. Using the idea of the chain, the Tread can be used as a saw, a bottle opener, screw driver twist, a box wrench and even a glass breaker if necessary. And it will still have the requisite timepiece to tell you when your next lunch break is coming up.

The Dakota Watch Company also needs to get mention in this category with its Multi-tool Clip Watch. This model breaks away from the typical wristbound format, and provides a clip-on timepiece more suited for the backpack. The Dakota watch comes with a metal extension that can be used as a hook, measuring tool, bottle opener, hexagon nut wrench, and of course, a timepiece. The watch is basic but extremely functional. And it’s low price point makes it easily replaceable after that one trip that uses it a bit too much. It might be a good idea to have two or three of these units on hand as disposables.

There are other options, but these three standout significantly for their ease of use and widespread availability in most outdoor stores. Check them out when you get a chance.


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