Password Vault

Source: Sharper Image

If you are concerned about identity theft, you might benefit from the Password Vault, offered at Sharper Image. It can store up to 400 passwords and logins that only you can get to. It is not connected to wireless networks, the internet, or computers, so it is impossible for identity thieves to get into it. The best and most effective passwords are complex, making them somewhat hard to remember. However, this device can remember them for you. You only have to enter one main PIN number in order to have access to all of the information on this device, and there is a full QWERTY keyboard that allows you to create the complex passwords that you need. It has a large backlit LCD screen, as well as a built-in flash memory that will keep the passwords intact through battery changes. It operates with 3 AAA batteries, which are included, and it is small and can fit into your pocket very conveniently. Additionally, if you need to reset it and erase all of your data, you can do so.


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