Multifunctional Ten Key Mouse

Source: Lenovo

Laptops have gotten smaller and, in the manufacturers’ efforts to save you space, they may end up lacking some functions also. Make up for a couple of these lost functions with the Multifunctional Mouse that includes a number key pad that a lot of the smaller keyboards are missing. The mouse looks like an ordinary computer mouse but you can open the plastic top cover to gain access to a number key pad while maintaining easy access to the scroll wheel and left and right  functions.  Smaller keyboards have a tiny touchpad that serves as a mouse pad. These are often uncomfortable especially if you have to sit at a desk and work for hours. This tight environment will make your arms and wrists feel tired quickly. Buying a space-saving keyboard that looks more modern is great if it makes you happy, but take care of your hands and don’t be afraid to spread out your work area a little bit and add multifunctional gadgets that help you get the best of modern and traditional computer functions for long work (or play) hours in front of the computer.


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