Murad Osmann Gives Us Some of the Coolest Travel Photography

Maurad Osmann Photographer_01

Source: iconosquare

Murad Osmann and his Girlfriend have been traveling all over the world for a few years now and they like to take photos, but they don’t just take ordinary tourist photos. Every photo Murad Osmann takes, his girlfriend is leading him by the hand. It’s not just that though, the photos are also incredible. Every photo is insane. The sites are amazing and the colors pop. If these photos don’t make you want to travel, then we don’t know what will.

Maurad Osmann Photographer_02

Source: iconosquare

Murad Osmann was born in 1985 in Dagestan, Russia. At the age of five, he moved to Moscow. In Moscow, he discovered photography.At the age of 20, he moved to England.

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