#WCW – Karmen Pedaru

Source: Iconosquare

Karmen Pedaru is originally hails from Estonia. Her Birthday Date is 10-05-1990. Her weight is only a waifish 53 kg or 117 Pounds. She hardly weighs anything for being as tall as she is. If you like tall and waifish girls then Karmen is definitely the girl for you!

Her hobbies are wide and varied. She loves to paint, however, she says she doesn’t like the way her paintings turn out. She says that she misses Estonia. The aspect of Estonia that she misses the most is her grandmother’s cooking. She says that no one else can cook like her grandmother. She likes living in NYC though.

Her favorite restaurants around NYC are Lure and Patisserie des Ambassade. She really likes the oysters at Lure. If you look at how light she is, you would guess that she never eats anything even though she says that she enjoys food.

She says that she has a sweet tooth. Her favorite foods are anything with chocolate and cookies. She says that she doesn’t like to eat candies which have nuts. She says that her friend Karlie Kloss makes the best chocolate cookies.

She also enjoys sports. She started playing basketball when she was only just six years old. After that, she started to play handball and soccer as well. She also danced for four years. She says that she didn’t enjoy the training for sports as she felt bored.

Source: Iconosquare

Source: Iconosquare


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