Hottest NFL WAGs of 2014-2015 (part 2)

17. Sarah Celek — Brent Celek

17 sarah celek

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College sweethearts are a running trend on this list and you’ll find plenty of photographs of Sarah Celek back when her name was Sarah Hinton posing with her then-boyfriend Garrett Celek at Michigan State. The two knew came to be together in that quintissentially American relationship: he played football, while she was a cheerleader. Celek was a starter at tight end all four years at Michigan State but never got to have his name called by an NFL team during the draft. Undeterred, he signed a contract with the San Francisco 49ers and won a spot off of the team’s practice squad, starting his first NFL game against the Bills. His NFL career hasn’t been spectacular, having played only 25 games with all of six pass receptions and no touchdowns, but on the plus side he gets to go home each day to the lovely blonde Sarah, a former Hooters calendar model with plenty of, shall we say, assets to go around. Sarah started working at Hooters in college and continued to do so when she and her fiance moved to the Bay Area to pursue his career. Since the couple got hitched, furthermore, they had their ten minutes of fame by sending Busted Coverage a thank-you note for their wedding present after the website bought a pair of cookware pasties off of their registry listing.

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