Funniest Bar Signs (17 Photos)

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Source: slumpedover

Let’s be honest – not many of us need a reason to drink – I certainly never pass up a beer.  But, getting someone to walk into your bar and pay for a drink? That’s the hard part.  Sometimes it seems like there’s a place to drink on every corner, and you can’t give away free drinks or you’d never make money.  People go to bars to relax, socialize, and maybe watch the game with friends, but none of that would happen without the flow of alcohol.  Good times and great stories often start with a cold beer or a refreshing cocktail…or maybe one too many shots.  The following slides are some of the funniest and most inventive bar signs bar owners have used to lure patrons in to tip a few back and take a load off.

ADSPARC 2x 300×250 – UTM source only

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