A Bike Lock That Works Hard While Looking Cool

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If you are looking for a bike lock that will keep your bike from theft without weighing you down, the Litelok bicycle lock is for you. Rather than carrying around a heavy chain link lock with you, opt for this 2.2-pound strap that will keep your bike safe while looking unique. The lock consists of multiple lightweight fibers that create a handy lock made from a material called Boaflexicore. It is able to ward off attacks from bolt croppers, cable cutters and hacksaws. No one is getting to your bike with this lock in their way!  The flexibility of the Boaflexicore material allows the lock to wrap around trees, fencing rails, concrete, light poles or sign posts much easier than a standard bicycle lock, giving you many more choices in where you lock up your bike when it is not in use. With a sleek design in a array of colors, the Litelok bicycle lock will keep your bike safe while looking trendy. The Litelok lock can easily be strapped to your backpack or bicycle while you are riding. The lock itself is made from steel alloy, making it virtually indestructible. Extensive testing has been done on this lock during its construction phase, showing that it takes well over five minutes for a thief to cut through the strap because of its properties. This gives ample time for someone to catch them in the act of trying to tamper with the lock, saving you from the hassle of a stolen bike in the process


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