4 Products To Stock Up On For Better Looking Facial Hair


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Whether you’re rocking a beard or prefer to stay clean-shaven, you can use the same tools to get better results in less time. These four shaving products are worth investing in.

1- Old-Fashioned Shaving Soap

Start with a smoother, more lubricant alternative to shaving cream by whipping your own foam from a block of moisturizing shaving cream. You’ll need a shaving soap bar, a small bowl to hold it, and a soft-bristled shaving brush to lather the foam and apply it.

2- Safety Razor

Another old-fashioned tool is the single-bladed safety razor? Why trade in your four or five blade modern razor for such a throwback? Since you can change the blade as often as you like and it’s a thicker piece of metal, you’ll enjoy a cleaner shave from the sharper edge. It’s also far more affordable in the long run.

3- The Beard Bib

When getting the bits of hair out of the sink take longer than the shaving itself, you need a Beard Bib. This compact tool unfolds into a bib that wraps around your neck and sticks to the mirror, catches every stray piece of hair, and folds away again in its own carrying case.

4- Beard Oils

Finally, anyone who keeps a little facial hair around should moisturize their beard or goatee with the right oil. Blended botanical products add a pleasant scent too.


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