The 22 Hottest MLB Baseball WAGs

kate upton
Source: Iconosquare

In the stands of most baseball stadiums behind home plate is where the majority of the wives, and girlfriends of the players sit. They chat with their friends, and cheer on their men right up close to all the action. Sometimes you might see one of the more famous girlfriends sitting in loge seating away from the crowds. Remember when Kate Hudson dated A-Rod for a hot second? She sure wasn’t sitting with all the fans in a regular seat. A-Rod even said at one point that he disliked all the attention she wanted when she came to see him play, getting fully made up and styled before each game. Being a baseball girlfriend or wife is a tough gig, taking into consideration their men travel out of town for most of the year during the season, and they have tons of good looking fans throwing themselves at the players all the time. Even the ones who aren’t that good looking get plenty of attention due to the fact that they are professional ball players. It’s just the way it is. Women love a hot fit ball player, and the men attract loads of hot women themselves. Here are some of the hottest MLB baseball WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends) right now.

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